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MD Child Care Scholarship Do You Qualify Under the New Guidelines?

Lets start out by addressing the crazy cost of daycare. In the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area the average cost of child care ranges from 180-350 dollars per week per child. This amount can vary of course depending on the area that you live in and whether you choose to a childcare center or in-home program. Unfortunately, in order to have quality care you are looking at the cost being on the much higher end to accommodate better qualified teachers, better curriculum, and higher quality of care.

Now the good news is if you are reading this post there are federal and state programs out there that can help you pay for the cost of childcare. Now that we are in pandemic, these offices have adjusted the rates even more.

The MD Scholarship was formerly known as the Childcare Subsidy program, and it provides financial assistance with childcare costs to eligible working families in Maryland.

Families in the following income categories may be eligible for a Child Care Scholarship: (Updated August 1, 2018)

Family Size Maximum Annual Income

Family of 2 $48,637

Family of 3 $60,081

Family of 4 $71,525

Family of 5 $82,969

Family of 6 $94,413

Family of 7 $96,558

Family of 8 $98,704

Family of 9 $100,850

Family of 10 $102,996

In addition to financial guidelines you must meet certain requirements. Lets delve into the other requirements that are needed to qualify. We will cover the most important ones but you can find the full list here:

*Immunizations: One mandate that is similar to the school system regs is that your child must be immunized and kept up to date. You will need to provide a shot record once approved to your child's daycare program, that will be kept in their file.

*Single Parents: If you are a single parent you must file for child support with the state. Now even if you have it worked out with your ex you can still file and notify the department of the set amount that you both have agreed to. It does not necessarily that you have to go to court.

*Qualifications under other state programs: If you qualify for other programs such as Medicaid, Food Stamp, or Temporary Cash assistance, you have a good chance for qualifying for the scholarship program. They have many of the same qualifications for all of these state programs.

If you feel you may qualify or need help applying Contact Us Today and ask for the

MD Scholarship Department.

Contact us today to see if you qualify for care at our Glen Burnie & Annapolis locations.

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