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Summer Camp 2021 Ca

Camp Learn & Play at Little Scholars Child Development Center is located in Annapolis MD. Students will be immersed in educational and fun activities that inspire a love for learning with unique themes for an overall full day of exploration. This camp is perfect for campers from Grades Pre-K thru Grade 4. Campers will earn a badge at the end of every week as they enagage in fun challenges.

*Transportation is available in Glen Burnie @ 2702 Finch drive

(Pickup at 7:30am Drop off at 5pm)

Week 1: Adventure Camp

Adventure campers will be challeged as they navigate their way through various new and exciting elements that encorage teamwork, and problem solving. Each Day campers will go through unique activites like archery, ziplines, treasure hunting, obstacle courses and more

At the end of this week Campers will earn a Bravery Badge.

Week 3: Track & Field

Campers will engage in team building actvities that promote self-confidence, friendship and postive sportsmanship. Activities include stem based long jump, shotput, sack races, balloon toss, relay races and more! At the end of this week Campers will earn a Sportsmanship badge.

Week 5: Robotics

Campers will learn the basics of simple machines. They will be challenged to create robots that can accomplish simple tasks. By the end of the week campers will have designed a bristlebot, wigglebot, and drawing robot. Each partipant will earn a engineering badge at the end of the week.

Week 7: Superhero & Fairytale Camp

Campers will use their imaginations and critical skills to elaborate on what a Hero is and what that means to them. They will go through a superhero and fairy tale obstacle course, make a fairy garden,  design a superhero to include powers and costume, and meet a some real life and fictional superheros. At the end of this week Campers will earn a imagination badge.

Week 9: Space Jam Camp

Campers will explore and investigate all about outer space. They will examine different planets and their characteristics, investigate how people can live on mars, and go through astronaut training. At the end of the week campers will earn a visit from "The Science Guys" to do a cool space experiment and earn a space exploration badge.

Week 11: Science Fair

This week is all about STEAM innovation and brings together concepts learned from the previous weeks. Campers will design a active science presentation to display at the end of the week. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entry  of the fair will recieve a prize. All partcipants will reecieve a STEAM badge.

Week 2: Lego Madness

Campers will enjoy daily mini builder challenges and learn the skills to be a Master builder. Actvities include buiilding a lego golf course, lego zipline, wind racer, boat, and balloon car. At the end of this week campers will receive an artiect badge and get to take home a lego kit of their own.

Week 4: Going Green

Campers will investigate envirnmental issues, and create nature based projects that allow them to have a better understanding of thenatural world around them. Actitvties include creating a solar oven,  hydroponic garden, windmill, and more! At the end of this week campers will earn a envirnoment advocate badge.

Week 6: Innovative Art

Campers will explore different artists and their techniques into how they create art. They will make a variety of artistic , sculptures, pottery, and large scale art using a variety of different materials. At the end of this week campers will earn an artistic badge, and will create an innovative yard sculpture that will be made out of recyclable material.

Week 8: Movin & Groovin

This week is all about exploration of music. Campers will explore different music genres, and investigate how sound is made. Each day campers will make a unique instrument made from recycled materials. At the end of the week they will be have a foam dance party and earn a music badge.

Week 10: Carnival camp

Campers will participate and create fun carnival games using innovation and critical thinking skills. The will go through various activities that will enable them to learn a carnival skill: Juggling, Acrobat, Balloon twisting, face painting, Magician, and more! At the end of the week the program will have a mini carnival with food, games, and give campers a chance to show off their performance skills. A Performance badge will be earned.

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