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Ultimate Educational Toy Gift List Part 2!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Part 2 is here! We have compiled a secondary list of fun and educational toys and games that your kids will actually play with. Here at Little Scholars we are constantly on the lookout for toys, games and activities that will keep young children's attention. We especially love toys that border duality, touching on more then one milestone, or skill.

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You can find all of these items on our Amazon store page

Sensory Gifts

We love sensory toys! Kids gain so much from sensory play, which encourages them to investigate, explore, and helps their little brains create stronger connections to process sensory information.

Rainbow Jellies Surprise Creation Kit

This sensory toy is allows kids to make cute little jelly characters that they can squish and mold.

Playdoh Foam Slime: 13 Pack Multi-Pack (Amazon Exclusive)

This is the ultimate sensory pack. The set includes 13 types of foam, slime, and bead type textures, perfect for a family that has multiple children.

SED Toys

Social & Emotional Development is just as important as any other developmental milestone, as this sets the base on how children can regulate and manage their emotions and feelings throughout their childhood into adulthood. Benefits of toys that surround this include, enhanced self-efficacy, confidence, empathy, and self regulation.

Care Bears Tenderheart Bear Interactive Collectible Figures

These cute little bears are a great and simple way to get kids to understand the basics of feelings and emotions. The bears are interactive and can interact with the child independently or with other bears from the collection. There are over 50 reactions and surprises. They have multiple colors available.

Mr. Potato Head Silly Parts and Pieces

This toy is a classic, but still maintains its ability to engage children to use their imaginations. Many Different parts can be used to create silly expressions, and multiple characters.

Music & Movement

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks to this year is that many children are stuck behind a screen for large parts of the day. Having accessibility to breaks that can promote much needed stress relief from anxiety that may occur from school this year is a must.

Vtech Record and Learn Kidistudio

This fun toy recording studio lets kids sing, create songs, and listen to their creations. This is a fun way to let kids be creative and create their own music.

KIOSESI Wobble Board, Wooden Balance Board

This balance board is a perfect way to get kids to up and moving. Although not complicatedin design, it has the ability to get kids to wok on their balance, and coordination. In the classroom its used as a tool to get students to take a brain break, and get refocused on learning.

Cooperative Games

We love board games here at Little Scholars, not only are they fun but they have the ability to teach kids about so many real life skills that are needed for later on in life.

*Taking Turns *Patience *Graciously Losing *Analytical Skills * And Perseverance just to name a few

Candy Land

Another classic, this game takes on the very basic skills of game playing, while kids can also learn about simple colors and patterns.

They also have a cute princess version as well.

Yeti in Spaghetti

This game is a fun strategic one, where kids must calculate how to remove the spaghetti without letting the yeti fall into the bowl.

Pancake Pileup

This is a great game for younger kids, helps them with strengthening their hand and eye coordination. Players pileup their pancakes according to cards, the fastest player wins!

Lucky Ducks

This is another great game for younger children, it helps them learn basic colors, shapes and is a unique take on the game of memory. Players must grab the ducks and match up shapes on their bottoms the fastest.

Want More Educational Toy Recommendations? Lookout for more lists coming soon

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