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Little Scholars Education Mission

Our mission is to educate young minds through meaningful experiences and nurturing care that focus not only on the aspect of learning but reaching developmental milestones and academic skills that will prepare children for success in kindergarten through rich purposeful play experiences. 

In addition to developing academic skills at the appropriate age level; 

Our Childcare program gives individualized learning activities that allow each child to:

*Acquire a positive attitude towards learning

*Help with self confidence 

*Develop habits of initiative and persistence.

*Develop Kindergarten readiness skills.

Our Moto is "Play with a Purpose" 

Research indicates that children learn best in an environment which allows them to explore, discover, and PLAY. As children play they develop skills, habits, and attitudes that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Our Program promotes and cultivates the important aspect of play by creating learning environments that are enriched with critical learning concepts that children can learn by engaging in meaningful "Play" experiences.

Walking to the Bus
In the Playground
Home Gardening